Сборник Springer CCIS

A parallel algorithm for studying the ice cover impact onto seismic waves propagation in the shallow Arctic waters
Galina Reshetova, Vladimir Cheverda, Vadim Lisitsa and Valery Khaidukov

Advanced Vectorization of PPML method for Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
Igor Kulikov, Igor Chernykh, Boris Glinskiy, Vitaly Vshivkov, Vladimir Prigarin and Lyudmila Vshivkova

Aerodynamic Models of Complicated Constructions Using Parallel Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Alexander Titov, Sergey Khrapov, Victor Radchenko and Alexander Khoperskov

An efficient parallel algorithm for numerical solution of low dimension dynamics problems
Stepan Orlov, Alexey Kuzin and Nikolay Shabrov

Analysis of Means of Simulation Modeling of Parallel Algorithms
Dmitry Vins, Boris Glinskiy and Igor Chernykh

Application of the LLVM compiler infrastructure to the program analysis in SAPFOR
Nikita Kataev

Ballistic Resistance Modeling of Aramid Fabric with Surface Treatment
Natalia Dolganina, Anastasia Ignatova, Alexandra Shabley and Sergei Sapozhnikov

Block Lanczos-Montgomery method over large prime fields with GPU accelerated dense operations
Dmitry Zheltkov and Nikolai Zamarashkin

CardioModel - new software for cardiac electrophysiology simulation
Valentin Petrov, Sergey Lebedev, Anna Pirova, Evgeniy Vasilyev, Alexander Nikolskiy, Vadim Turlapov, Iosif Meyerov and Grigory Osipov

Comparison of dimensionality reduction schemes for parallel global optimization algorithms
Ilya Lebedev, Konstantin Barkalov and Vladislav Sovrasov

Comprehensive Collection of Time-consuming Problems for Intensive Training on High Performance Computing
Iosif Meyerov, Sergei Bastrakov, Alexander Sysoyev and Victor Gergel

Dependable and Coordinated Resources Allocation Algorithms for Distributed Computing
Victor Toporkov and Dmitry Yemelyanov

Deploying Elbrus VLIW CPU ecosystem for materials science calculations: performance and problems
Vladimir Stegailov and Alexey Timofeev

Design Technology for Reconfigurable Computer Systems With Immersion Cooling
Ilya Levin and Alexey Dordopulo

Designing a parallel programs on the base of the conception of Q-determinant
Valentina Nikolaevna Aleeva

Efficiency estimation for the mathematical physics algorithms for distributed memory computers
Igor Konshin

Examination of permeability clastic oil and gas reservoir's rock by molecular dynamics simulation using high-performance computing
Vladimir Berezovsky, Иван Белозеров, Александр Юрьев and Марсель Губайдуллин

Extremely high-order optimized multioperators-based schemes and their applications to flow instabilities and sound radiation
Andrei Tolstykh, Michael Lipavskii, Dmitrii Shirobokov and Eugenii Chigerev

GPU-based Parallel Computations in Multicriterial Optimization
Victor Gergel and Evgeny Kozinov

Hybrid codes for atomistic simulations on the Desmos supercomputer: GPU-acceleration, scalability and parallel I/O
Nikolay Kondratyuk, Grigory Smirnov and Vladimir Stegailov

INMOST platform for parallel modelling and applications
Kirill Terekhov and Yuri Vassilevski

Interactive 3D Representation as a Method of Investigating Information Graph Features
Alexander Antonov and Nikita Volkov

LRnLA Algorithm ConeFold with non-Local vectorization for LBM implementation
Anastasia Perepelkina and Vadim Levchenko

Maximus: a Hybrid Particle-in-Cell Code  for Microscopic Modeling of Collisionless Plasmas
Julia Kropotina, Andrei Bykov, Alexandre Krassilchtchikov and Ksenia Levenfish

Microwave Radiometry of Atmospheric Precipitation: Radiative Transfer Simulations with Parallel Supercomputers
Yaroslaw Ilyushin and Boris Kutuza

Modeling groundwater flow in unconfined conditions of variable density solutions in dual porosity media using the GeRa code
Ivan Kapyrin, Igor Konshin, Fedor Grigoriev and Vasily Kramarenko

Modular-Logarithmic Coprocessor for Mass Arithmetic Computations
Ilya Osinin

Numerical method for solving a diffraction problem of electromagnetic wave on a system of bodies and screens
Marina Moskaleva, Mikhail Medvedik and Yuriy Smirnov

On-the-Fly Calculation of Performance Metrics with Adaptive Time Resolution for HPC Compute Jobs
Konstantin Stefanov and Vadim Voevodin

Orlando Tools: Energy Research Application Development through the Convergence of Grid and Cloud Computing
Alexander Feoktistov, Sergey Gorsky, Ivan Sidorov, Roman Kostromin, Alexei Edelev and Lyudmila Massel

Parallel algorithm for one-way wave equation based migration for seismic imaging
Vadim Lisitsa, Dmitry Vishnevsky, Alekasnder Pleshkevitch and Vadim Levchenko

Parallel FDTD Solver with Static and Dynamic Load Balancing
Gleb Balykov

Parallel simulation of community-wide information spreading in online social networks
Klavdiya Bochenina, Sergey Kesarev and Oksana Severiukhina

Parallel supercomputer docking program of the new generation: finding low energy minima spectrum
Alexey Sulimov, Danil Kutov and Vladimir Sulimov

Parallelization Strategyfor Wavefield Simulation with the Elastic Iterative Solver
Mikhail Belonosov, Vladimir Cheverda, Victor Kostin and Dmitry Neklyudov

Performance of time and frequency-domain cluster solvers compared for geophysical applications
Sergey Solovyev, Victor Kostin, Andrey Bakulin and Maxim Dmitriev

Population annealing and large scale simulations in statistical mechanics
Lev Shchur, Lev Barash, Martin Weigel and Wolfhard Janke

Simulation and optimization of aircraft assembly process using supercomputer technologies
Tatiana Pogarskaia, Maria Churilova, Margarita Petukhova and Evgeniy Petukhov

SL-AV model: numerical weather prediction at extra-massively parallel supercomputer
Mikhail Tolstykh, Gordey Goyman, Rostislav Fadeev, Vladimir Shashkin and Sergei Lubov

Supercomputer Efficiency: Complex Approach Inspired by Lomonosov-2 History Evaluation
Sergei Leonenkov and Sergey Zhumatiy

Supercomputer real-time experimental data processing: technology and applications
Vladislav Shchapov, Alexander Pavlinov, Elena Popova, Andrei Sukhanovskii, Stanislav Kalyulin and Vladimir Modorskii

Supercomputer simulation study of the convergence of iterative methods for solving inverse problems of 3D acoustic tomography with the data on a cylindrical surface
Sergey Y. Romanov

Supercomputer technology for ultrasound tomographic image reconstruction: mathematical methods and experimental results
Alexander Goncharsky and Sergey Seryozhnikov

Technique for teaching parallel programming based on solving computational electrodynamics problems
Sergey Mosin, Nikolai Pleshchinskii, Ilya Pleshchinskii and Dmitrii Tumakov

The algorithm for transferring a large number of radionuclide particles in a parallel model of ocean hydrodynamics
Vladimir Bibin, Rashit Ibrayev and Maxim Kaurkin

The conception, requirements and structure of the integrated computational environment
Il'In Valery

The Elbrus-4C Based Node as Part of Heterogeneous Cluster for Oil and Gas Processing Researches
Ekaterina Tyutlyaeva, Igor Odintsov, Alexander Moskovsky, Sergey Konyuhov, Alexander Kalyakin and Murad Neiman-Zade

The multi-level adaptive approach for efficient execution of multi-scale distributed applications with dynamic workload
Denis Nasonov, Nikolay Butakov, Alexander Visheratin, Ksenia Mukhina, Alexey Linev, Sergey Sobolev and Pavel Shvets

The Parallel Hydrodynamic Code for Astrophysical Flow with Stellar Equations of State
Igor Kulikov, Igor Chernykh, Vitaly Vshivkov, Vladimir Prigarin, Vladimir Mironov and Alexander Tutukov

Three-dimensional simulation of Stokes flow around a rigid structure using FMM/GPU accelerated BEM
Olga Abramova, Yulia Pityuk, Nail A. Gumerov and Iskander Akhatov

Using of hybrid cluster systems for modeling of a satellite and plasma interaction by the molecular dynamics method
Leonid Zinin, Alexander Sharamet and Sergey Ishanov

Using Resources of Supercomputing Centers with Everest Platform
Sergey Smirnov, Oleg Sukhoroslov and Vladimir Voloshinov

Batch of tasks completion time estimation in a Desktop Grid
Evgeny Ivashko and Valentina Litovchenko

Adaptive Scheduling for Adjusting Retrieval Process in BOINC-based Virtual Screening
Natalia Nikitina and Evgeny Ivashko

On sharing workload in Desktop Grids
Ilya Chernov

Analysis of results of the rating of voluntary distributed computing projects
Vladimir Yakimets and Ilya Kurochkin

Enumeration of isotopy classes of diagonal Latin squares of small order using volunteer computing
Eduard Vatutin, Alexey Belyshev, Stepan Kochemazov, Oleg Zaikin and Natalia Nikitina

BOINC-based Branch-and-Bound
Andrei Ignatov and Mikhail Posypkin