Parallel Large-Scale Graph Processing Workshop

The workshop is intended to promote an open discussion of a large-scale graph processing using parallel computing. The main task of the workshop is to bring attention to the convergence of  High Performance Computing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies and to encourage a discussion of the problems arising in parallel graph processing using these technologies. The workshop is a complementary to the GraphHPC conference.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Parallel graph algorithms
  • Graph applications and High Performance Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
  • Parallel programming models and runtime systems for graph processing
  • Graph databases and its applications
  • Performance evaluation of graph algorithms
  • Graph applications and exascale
  • Graph visualization

Important Dates

  • May 15 – paper submission
  • June 5 – author notification
  • June 26 – camera-ready paper


Please see the RusSCDays-2017 submission terms.

Program Committee

  • Voevodin V. V., Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, MSU RCC (co-chair)
  • Simonov A. S., PhD, JSC NICEVT (co-chair)
  • Frolov A. S., DISLab (JSC NICEVT)
  • Semenov A. S., PhD, DISLab (JSC NICEVT)
  • Pozdneev A.V., PhD, IBM
  • Daryin A. N., PhD, Yandex
  • Korzh A. A., PhD, Micron
  • Chernoskutov M. A., IMM Ural Dep. of RAS


Alexander Frolov, DISLab (JSC NICEVT), e-mail: alexndr.frolov at gmail com
Alexander Semenov, DISLab (JSC NICEVT), e-mail: alxdr.semenov at gmail com